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The advantages at a glance.

Smart business software

Haufe X360 takes the manufacturing industry into the future by integrating advanced AI and ML capabilities to increase efficiency while making it easier to access information.

Material availability

Haufe X360's intelligent material requirements planning (MRP) comprehensively analyzes the demand for materials, including sales orders, independent production orders and forecasted demand.

Marketing plan

Haufe X360 offers seamless integration with HubSpot, enabling efficient management of marketing lists, email campaigns, landing pages and other marketing activities.

B2C or B2B trade

Enable secure online ordering with a wide range of payment options and use up-sell and cross-sell functions. Furthermore, self-service and supplier portals offer additional opportunities to maximize sales.


FAQ about the ERP solution for
Production and manufacturing.

How can an ERP system support production?

A modern ERP system for production and manufacturing processes makes it easier for companies to increase their efficiency, reduce costs and improve their ability to adapt to market changes.

How does an ERP system help to improve the overall performance of the production chain?

The most important advantages of an ERP system lie in the improved coordination and control of the entire production chain. The use of ERP software in production can therefore lead to increased competitiveness and profitability.

What requirements should an ERP system meet in order to support the comprehensive digitalization of all production processes?

The introduction of an ERP system in production requires the digitalization of all production processes. To ensure optimum efficiency, the software should be tailored precisely to the individual needs, requirements and goals of the company. Close cooperation between our IT experts and production specialists is essential in order to develop a tailor-made solution.

Which specific production chain processes are covered and simplified by ERP systems?

An ERP system in production can comprehensively cover and simplify various processes. These include materials management, procurement, production planning and control, quality management, production, manufacturing, order processing, delivery, financial management, accounting, data analysis, reporting, inventory control and management as well as personnel management.

To what extent is the user interface of the ERP software intuitive and user-friendly?

The user-friendliness of an ERP system is heavily dependent on the individual needs and preferences of the user. When selecting ERP software, companies should ensure that it not only meets their business requirements, but also the needs of their employees.

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Haufe X360 - The ERP solution for manufacturing and production

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