The ERP software for
water and food distribution.


From full enterprise management to a simple payment model, Activewhere's ERP software provides a customizable and powerful platform for water and food distribution companies


the benefits.

optimized route management

Advanced route management leads to optimized delivery dates and cost reductions.

Complete business management

Extensive package of tools with integrated CRM, ERP, DSD, and WMS functions.

cutting-edge Crm

Improve your customer relationship management capabilities through advanced tools and features.


Benefit from a simple payment model that only requires a monthly service fee.


Use an effective method to control the entire distribution process.

Seamless integration

The browser-based solution is designed for ultimate convenience and a user-friendly experience.

Flexible customization

Access and manage your operations from any device—Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.


The features.



Discover Activewhere's comprehensive software solution that covers all your business needs, with integrated CRM, ERP, DSD and WMS capabilities.

The software enables advanced route management, optimizes delivery times and effectively reduces costs. Make your day-to-day business easier and increase the efficiency of your processes with our sophisticated solution

Activewhere provides accurate inventory management for precise control over your stock to ensure that your products are always available in sufficient quantities.

By tracking deliveries in detail and optimizing routes, we ensure that your products reach their destination on time and cost-effectively, resulting in tangible time and resource savings for your direct sales.




customized contract management

With its advanced module, Activewhere offers an innovative solution for the effective management of your contracts. Creating and tracking contracts is effortless and clear, so you always have an overview.

Precise document management allows you to accurately organize all relevant documents in the context of your contracts. Thanks to automatic renewal reminders, you will never miss important deadlines again.

Optimize the entire process with efficient management for smooth and successful company management.


Your solution for efficient management in the water cooler industry.

Activewhere provides a comprehensive solution for managing your equipment, effective contract management and accurate equipment tracking and operation. With detailed location and maintenance histories, you always have an overview.

The platform also optimizes routes, enables efficient stock, filter and spare parts tracking and provides automated notifications to keep you informed of important developments. Tracking and invoicing are seamless, supported by maintenance reminders and automated notifications for worry-free business operations.

Activewhere follows a customer relationship model in customer service to simplify processes across departments. From the first call to sales, contract management, route optimization, inventory-related barcode capture and field services.

Manage tasks such as empties, equipment, serial numbers, rental invoices, scheduled visits and customer complaints.

With Activewhere, you can accurately predict when customers will need refills.

Verwalten Sie mehrere Lieferadressen, unterschiedliche Preise, Aktionen und Gutscheine.

Automatic route optimization to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Use detailed reports and alerts to monitor usage trends.

From initial installation to ongoing maintenance and disinfection, our many years of experience with the POU Watercooler guarantee unparalleled refreshment and efficiency.

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