Optimized customer management with a 360° overview -
Haufe X360 makes it possible!


The advantages at a glance.

Integrated processes

Promote collaboration between all departments. Haufe's ERP solution enables seamless integration of different processes for an efficient working environment.

Inventory management

Effective inventory management not only allows you to save time, but also ensures that you always have the resources you need.

Optimized use of resources

Improve the efficiency of your operating resources. Haufe X360 enables optimal planning and utilization of personnel, equipment and materials to minimize costs and increase productivity.

Mobile and flexible

The mobile ERP solution enables you to coordinate processes and orders regardless of location and to react flexibly to the requirements of your facility management.


FAQ on ERP software for
Facility Management.

Can Haufe X360 be tailored precisely to my company's requirements?

Of course. When selecting Haufe X360, you work closely with us as a certified consultant to define the exact requirements of your company. The ERP system will be customized accordingly and only put into operation when you are completely satisfied. In addition, the interfaces enable the integration of other systems.

How can Haufe X360 support companies with multiple departments or locations?

Haufe X360 offers centralized data management, real-time communication between departments and locations, cross-location transparency, efficient resource management and scalability. This enables seamless integration and management of company processes, regardless of geographical distribution.

How can an ERP system improve business processes?

Haufe X360 optimizes business processes through automation, centralized data management for coherent visibility, real-time data access for informed decisions, improved customer and supplier management, and scalability for flexible growth. These features promote efficient and integrated business management.

How is the protection of sensitive company data guaranteed?

We assure you that all company data is stored exclusively in accordance with data protection guidelines in German data centers with certification. Your data is accessed via SSL encryption at bank level (AES standard) to ensure full compliance.

Haufe X360 - The ERP software for facility management

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