The ERP software for the solar industry.
More efficiency, more success!

Industry-specific know-how

We understand the special features of the photovoltaic industry and adapt our ERP solutions to your needs and requirements accordingly.

Individual customizations

Every company is unique. The features of Haufe X360 are individually tailored to your specific requirements.

User friendly interface

The user-friendly interfaces make operating the Haufe X360 ERP software simple and efficient.

Data security

We place a high value on the security of your sensitive data and guarantee data protection compliance.


FAQ on ERP software for

How does Haufe X360 support the management of renewable energy projects?

Haufe X360 simplifies the management of renewable energy projects by providing functions for proposal preparation, project tracking and project management. This enables end-to-end monitoring and control of solar projects.

Can Haufe X360 be integrated with other systems?

Yes, Haufe X360 offers flexible interfaces for integration with other systems in the solar industry to ensure smooth data exchange and seamless collaboration.

How can Haufe X360 optimize inventory management for solar companies?

Haufe X360 revolutionizes inventory management for solar companies by accurately tracking materials and resources. This innovative feature not only enables optimal use of existing resources, but also minimizes potential bottlenecks. The comprehensive transparency enables solar companies to manage their inventory more efficiently, further improving their operations.

How is the protection of sensitive company data guaranteed?

We assure you that all company data is stored exclusively in accordance with data protection guidelines in German data centers with certification. Your data is accessed via SSL encryption at bank level (AES standard) to ensure full compliance.

Haufe X360 - The ERP software for the solar industry!

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