The Incedo Lead Generator can be useful for businesses that (1) are looking to increase their customer base by identifying and reaching out to potential leads or (2) have difficulties attracting new employees. The Incedo Lead Generator automates the process of finding and contacting qualified leads or candidates, and therefore allows businesses to focus their resources on following up with the most promising prospects. 

Sending out automated messages is basically the process of using software solutions like the Incedo Lead Generator, to send pre-written messages automatically, without the need for manual intervention or input. This can be done through various communication channels such as email, social media messaging, etc.

The Incedo Lead Generator can benefit businesses of all sizes and across industries that want to generate more qualified leads and increase their sales revenue as well as businesses that want to use LinkedIn to recruit new employees.

Once you decide to use the Incedo Lead Generator we will create your login credentials and send them to you. 

As soon as you decide to use the Incedo Lead Generator, you buy a number of credits (starting from at least 1000 credits). You then create campaigns and one credit is paid for each requested lead (the credit includes the initial messages and all the follow-up messages). There are no additional costs.

When you reach your credit limit, your campaign automatically pauses (meaning it will stop sending messages) until your credits have been topped up.

No, the follow up messages do not have a separate cost. A lead request equals a credit spent, and a credit spent includes the initial message and the follow up messages. 

There is NO additional cost for the email follow-up feature! A lead equals a credit spent, and a credit includes all of the initial outreach message, follow ups as well as the email follow up! 

No, you do NOT have to purchase a sales navigator license. 

If you don’t possess a sales navigator licence it will not be possible to edit the sales navigator search filters by yourself. However, we have onboarding sessions, as well as follow up sessions where it will be made possible to adjust the sales navigator search filters together. 

Yes! We assist you in every step of the process through our onboarding sessions. We also ensure smooth campaign progress by checking in with follow-up calls that best suit your schedule. 

You can run as many campaigns as you want at the same time!

Due to the LinkedIn guidelines, we have a limit of up to 20 messages per day. During the onboarding, we will give our professional opinion on how many messages are advisable to be sent out per day, depending on how active you have been on Linkedin.

When you launch a campaign, the Incedo Lead Generator does something called `data scraping`. This essentially means that it is gathering various leads, as indicated in the sales filter. It usually takes a day to complete this process, after which your messages will be sent out. 

Yes! You can determine how many days will be between your follow up messages.

Unfortunately, free trials are not possible at the moment, however, we are always ready to give you a demo and tell you everything you need to know about the Incedo Lead Generator.

Although this has never happened to one of our clients, it is possible for LinkedIn to disable one’s account when they suspect inconsistent activities/non-human behavior. 

When you have an Incedo Lead Generator account with us, you can start campaigns with as many LinkedIn accounts as you desire. 

The Incedo Lead Generator works with a zero running cost principle, which means once you decide to stop using Incedo Lead Generator, no extra cost will be incurred. This also means that you do not necessarily have to cancel your account, it will simply be marked as inactive. 

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