Life at Incedo

Our Story

Incedo is latin for “to enter”.
Since 1999, we have helped our clients "to enter new eras".

From the emergence of the internet over the mobile revolution to the cloud and internet-of-everything — we love helping our clients to implement the latest technology.

We help our clients to develop great software to make the lives of their clients, partners or employees easier. 

We consult our clients through all project phases and work hands-on as part of the overall development team.

About us

We are a family-owned company with strong values
that are at the core of everything we do.

Our success depends on how we work together as a team. Having respect for each other and always communicating on eye-level are crucial for great team work.

Our clients and partners can always trust that we deliver on our promises. Due to our rigorous recruiting process we know that we can trust our team to learn fast, to adapt quickly and to always find a solution.

Our collaboration is not defined by titles, but rather by the goal of what we want to create – no matter if it’s something for our clients or an internal project.

We love what we do and nothing excites us more than creating something valuable for our clients & partners. We also want to have fun and enjoy working together — as a team as well as with clients & partners!

Causes we care about

We support the following initiatives
with time and financial resources